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Area 54 Mini Conference Flyer:

Area 54’s 48th Mini Conference

What is the purpose of the Area 54 Mini-Conference?

This Mini-Conference was developed to give our Delegate the informed conscience of the groups in Area 54—
Northeast Ohio – on some of the agenda items that will be addressed at the General Service Conference. Due to
time constraints, it is not possible to address all of the agenda of the General Service Conference. The selected
agenda is mailed to the registered General Service Representatives (GSRs) of the groups in advance. The group

can discuss the issues and send their group’s conscience to the Mini-Conference via their GSR. At the Mini-
Conference the issues are discussed with GSRs from many groups throughout Area 54. Using the committee

system and voting procedures described in the AA Service Manual, a consensus is reached. This consensus is
taken to the General Service Conference by our delegate, who still maintains the right of decision described in
the Twelve Concepts.
The Mini-Conference will also feature displays and information provided by the Area 54 Standing Committees and
a variety of ways for a GSR to share with others committed to their service to others. GSRs can meet a General
Service Board trustee, a staff member from the General Service Office and the Area Committee. There are also
sharing sessions for GSRs and an Ask-it-basket hosted by past delegates, the trustee and GSO staff member.

Why do I have to pay?

While there are no dues or fees for membership in AA, it is the practice of Area 54 General Service that each
individual event be self-supporting. This conference requires months of planning, preparation and money to
present. Our expenses include printing of the background material and purchase of literature relevant to the
agenda that will be discussed, printing of flyers and schedules, mailing costs and registration supplies. We do not
pay our speakers, but we do provide for their expenses to attend the conference. At times we have snack or
beverage expenses. The hospitality rooms are self-supporting of themselves. The Saturday Night Speaker is an
open A.A. Meeting and is the only function that will not require attendees to be registered.
All members of A.A. are encouraged to attend!
Name badges must be worn at all times!

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