District 21


Representation is made up of:
Geauga County. Northern boundary is Lake/Geauga County line in Chardon Township, west to SR 91 and south to Miles, west to Richmond, south to Cannon, west to Shephard, south to Summit County line and east into Portage/Geauga County. In Portage County, the southern border is I-80; the eastern border is the Shalersville and Mantua Township lines north into Geauga County, along Auburn, Burton, Munson, and Chardon Township lines north to Lake County line.  Includes Gates Mills, Hunting Valley, Moreland Hills, Chagrin Falls, Bentleyville, and the City of Solon in Cuyahoga County; Aurora, Mantua, and Shalersville in Portage County; Chardon, Munson, Chesterland, Burton, Newbury, Russell, South Russell, Auburn and Bainbridge in Geauga County.



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