District 11


Representation is composed of groups in Holmes County south of State Route 162, and Wayne County north of Pleasant Home Road.  GSR’s and any interested members in or outside this district area are encouraged to attend.



Additional Info

District Meeting
Meeting held the 2nd Sunday every other month at 2:00 PM
        Freshwater Community Church (use Boyer St. side door)
        185 Humbolt Ave
        Wadsworth, OH 44281  

Registered groups include:
          Lodi Big Book  – Sunday 7:00 PM
          Seville Monday 12 Steps Up – Monday 7:30 PM
          Wadsworth Fresh Start Big Book Study – Monday 7:30 PM
          Wadsworth Tuesday Night Discussion – Tuesday 7:00 PM
          Medina Tuesday Night – Tuesday 8:00 PM
          Rebos – Wednesday 7:00 PM
          Wadsworth Women’s Study – Wednesday 7:00 PM
          Center of Sobriety – Wednesday 7:30 PM
          Lodi Wednesday – Wednesday 8:00 PM
          Spencer Under Construction – Thursday 8:00 PM
          Wadsworth Thursday – Thursday 8:00 PM
          Seville Friday Night – Friday 8:30 PM
          Sharon Closed Discussion – Friday 9:30 PM
          West Salem Saturday Night – Saturday 8:00 PM
          Serenity at the Lake – Saturday 8:30 PM