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                       Ohio State Convention Statement of Purpose

The Ohio State Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous is an open, annual service convention hosted on a rotating schedule by one of four Ohio General Service Areas:
                        Area 53 - Central and Southeast Ohio,
                        Area 54 - Northeast Ohio,
                        Area 55 - Northwest Ohio,
                        Area 56 - Southwest Ohio

                        Here is a map of Ohio's four Delegate Areas

The purpose of the convention is to carry the spirit of the General Service Conference to the districts and groups in Ohio. This is accomplished by fostering cooperation among the four Ohio Areas, highlighting and celebrating the General Service activities of Alcoholics Anonymous in these areas, and through sharing experience on AA's legacies of Unity, Service, and Recovery. The goal of the convention is to support and strengthen the General Service Conference structure in Ohio, helping us to stay sober to help other alcoholics achieve sobriety. A historic list of the themes of the Ohio State Convention since 1957 is available here.

The Ohio State Convention Planning Committee Guidelines are available here.
            East Central Region

Area 54 is one of fourteen Delegate Areas in the East Central Region that is comprised of Areas in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. There are eight regions in the US & Canada.

Map of eight US & Canada Regions

Map of 93 Delegate Areas in the US & Canada

Past Delegates from each of the fourteen Areas participate in preparing seated Delegates for the General Service Conference through the Delegates / Past Delegates Conference.

All fourteen delegate Areas rotate hosting the East Central Regional Convention annually, except that it is not held in A.A. International Convention years.

Since 1975, the General Service Office has hosted an East Central Regional Forum every two years. The forum is a series of sharing sessions that provide an opportunity to share valuable experience, ask questions and spark new ideas. Since many GSO staff members are present, local members have an opportunity to meet the staff face to face.

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